Begin your video by introducing an effective hook

  • In a highly-paced social media site like TikTok, it is essential to draw your viewers’ attention. Followers within the first 3 minutes of the video! If you want your video to succeed and become viral, getting your audience’s attention immediately before they move on to your video is a key aspect. If nothing is happening until the end, most viewers will not watch your video, and it will go down within a couple of hours.


  • It is essential to start your video with an effective hook that draws viewers through to the end. If you establish the tone and subject of your video, TikTok is more likely to showcase your video to more users. TikTok will also display your post on its “For You” page when it has a significant audience.


  • There are many ways to get your audience’s attention right away. You’ll have to test here and there to discover what works most effectively for you.


  • Keep your videos as short as possible.
  • TikTok is a video-on-demand media platform that allows users to stream brief and concise videos. If you use all the time available and produce a long video without much impact, people will be able to scroll through. In this case, users are more likely to view a 15-second video until the end than the case of a minute one.


  • So, the smaller you make your videos, the lesser time viewers will be watching it to the close. If you’d like to tell a story in a longer length, You can break your content into segments and remind your viewers to share or like it for the next part, and the list goes on.


  • It is possible to turn the entire subject into a video series covering it in greater depth. To increase your watching time, you’ll have to adhere to Tip 1, which is to create a compelling hook from the very beginning.


  • Include solid CTAs
  • It’s great to produce excellent content. But, what would you like your audience to be able to do after watching your videos? Making your videos viral isn’t the only ultimate goal. You’ll need to encourage users to visit your other content, your TikTok profile, or your website. Call to action plays an essential part in influencing people to act after reading your material.


  • Your viewers will know what to anticipate from your videos, and tell them that they won’t miss out on any new content. Initially, a basic call-to-action could include “follow me for more daily finance tips!” Additionally, make sure to include an actionable link in your bio for your site as well as other pages that are landing.


  • This could help to drive visitors to your website or a landing page which can easily turn your TikTok followers into leads , and ultimately sales – the sky is the limit.


  • Post at the correct time
  • What do you think posting at the correct time means? The ideal time to publish on TikTok is based on the time of day when your followers are largest on TikTok. You may already be aware it’s crucial to see engagement from your video within the first hours of posting in order to give TikTok an indication that your post is appreciated by the users.


  • In order to get this kind of engagement, you have to publish them at times while your viewers are scrolling through their feeds and reading content. An TikTok Pro account gives you access to reports that show you when your followers are active and engaged. You can locate this report under the report titled “Follower Activity” on the tab for Followers.


  • You may also consider taking advantage of the Social media scheduler which has the capability of scheduling your content automatically for the most optimal time to publish.


  • Use trending music
  • Imagine the music you post on TikTok as hashtags. They play an important impact on the popularity of your content. It is therefore advised to select a trending music at the right time on an online platform where users are influenced by the latest trends. This increases the likelihood of having your video popular and makes the algorithm work for you.


To discover the most popular audio, look through the “For You” Page “For You” Page and discover what songs and soundtracks are gaining the most attention. You’ll have to pay close attention to the top artists and creators to see the things that work for them.


Another alternative is to navigate TikTok’s TikTok video editor and then click the section ‘Sounds’ on the top of the page. You can scroll through the many popular songs under the ‘Discover’ tab. Another point to remember is that you’ll need to incorporate trending music into your videos, even when making a voiceover.


Be a master of storytelling.

The most important ingredient in bringing the virality of TikTok and any social media is the ability to tell stories. It’s a crucial element of our humanity. People will quickly share videos that express their emotions. If you add human emotions like humor and excitement, fear, and the power of inspiration, you’ll have an excellent chance to grab the attention of viewers as they understand and relate to your story.


An effective method to create a compelling story on TikTok and grab your viewers’ attention is to use text overlays. Maybe you can try to address an issue immediately and then, in steps, present an answer.


It’s also possible to create a narrative with a few cliffhangers to bring in some comments and engagement to the TikTok video. The stories you share could cover anything – from your day-to-day routines, to your views on your life, with real human emotion or anything that people would like to learn about.


Use the appropriate hashtags

Hashtags are among the TikTok algorithm’s ranking factors. That means using hashtags in the description of your video will allow the algorithm to place your video description in the hands of an public who will react to it. Don’t use generic hashtags such as #FYP.


This means that you don’t need to compete with millions of other videos that cater for the exact hashtag. The majority of TikTok creators are aware of the importance of hashtags, but hashtags that are popular and popular challenges can have a huge influence on your videos’ visibility. Make sure you choose hashtag challenges that have trends in the field to get the optimal outcomes.


If you’re searching for hashtags that are popular to utilize, visit your Discover tab and check out the latest trends. When it comes to quantity, between three and five hashtags per post is typically sufficient to keep the recommendations system to work.


Cross-promote other platforms on social media.

The short video format is popular on every social media site, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook as well as YouTube. Therefore, you can reuse your TikTok content for other platforms for social media and vice versa. In this way, you’ll be able to engage your users on multiple platforms without the need to create distinct content for each of them.


It is possible to use an social media scheduling tool to simplify your content across the various platforms. RecurPostis an application which lets you plan your videos for social media prior to time and establish an enduring calendar of content. By promoting your TikTok content through other social networks, it is possible to divert traffic from one website to another, and build your following quickly.


Encourage interaction

The main difference between a video platform and social networks is the interactivity. TikTok isn’t just a platform to upload videos. It’s also a platform to connect with a community about the content that it produces. The comment section is there to be a reason, know? In addition, thanks to features like the Duet and Stitch features, it’s possible to work in videos with total strangers living in different parts of the world.


The algorithm on TikTok operates in a way that encourages every form of interaction with the community which is why you should ensure your content encourages this. Encourage users to voice their opinions via the comment section. Give a prompt that users could Stitch or Duet with a response to their video. Create the kind of videos you’re drawn to share on various social platforms such as Instagram. This will make the algorithm view your content a little more positively.


Create content that viewers will return to

If you take something new in this post, then you’ll know that the video completion rate is among the most crucial elements of the algorithm. This suggestion may seem odd at first, however it actually works in the direction algorithms favor. There are many benefits of having a video that has sections that are too fast for a person to read, see or comprehend on the first watch.


When you write a significant phrase, an address, or a list of locations in just a few seconds, viewers are likely to need to revisit the video to get the words. It is possible to slow down your video and again in order to read the content.


If you do that, more time will be spent on your video, which signals an algorithm it’s a great video. If the performance remains high, the video will appear in the For You page, and be seen by many people. This is the time when your video may go viral for marketing.


Hop on trends quickly

If you’ve ever thought about ways to make your presence known on TikTok, one of the best tips is to be able to identify trends before others do. If you do this you’ll be ahead of the trends. There’s a method to do it first: look through the TikTok Discovery pages. Once you’ve found the most popular videos that revolve around your particular niche then it’s time to give your own twist and try to imitate the style.


Additionally, there are trends that are spontaneous and others that are seasonal. It’s important to recognize trends that are effective in your area of expertise and then be quick to capitalize on them before they lose their effectiveness.


Join forces with other creators

Do not just sit and post videos, this can be “social” media, after all! TikTok is an online community, and showing support for others will go a long way towards helping them and you.


Like and leave comments on videos of other creators. engagement is the main aspect of TikTok’s algorithm, So they’re likely to be impressed by your efforts and be more inclined to return the favor when you upload new videos.


Be constant

Consistency is essential to success in any platform for social media. Social media platforms will always prefer content posted by creators who are regularly as it drives more visitors to their apps. It doesn’t mean that you must publish every hour, however. Instead, you should find a place that is the maximum of two times per day, to at least two times per week.


Consistently posting on your profile gives those who follow you something they can look for, and it’ll provide new followers with a feeling of being committed as they browse over your page.



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