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In a bid to empower small and medium-scale enterprises operating in the country and improve their visibility in the e-commerce space, Nigeria’s creative maestro and renowned tech entrepreneur, Dr Babangida Ruma has launched a Nigerian e-commerce portal

Shopi Market Hub, a subsidiary of Mr Ruma’s startup brainchild – Opportunities Hub (OHUB) – is a free first-of-a-kind secure e-commerce and business directory platform where businesses can enlist, promote, and sell their products and services online.

Speaking on the prospects of the initiative, Mr Ruma in a virtual ceremonial unveiling told the press that the platform enables customers to receive free web pages with e-commerce tools, unique Shopi Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Market Hub website address, personalized online storefront, shopping cart with no consignment fee, inventory payment gateway, as well as order and inquiry notifications.

“This platform is open to small and medium business owners from every sector of the economy that have registered businesses in Nigeria,” founder, Ruma enthused.

Speaking further, he noted that the e-commerce and business directory portal is part of his strategy to empower and support Nigerian SMEs and also contribute to the growth and development of the Nigerian economy.

“The web portal and mobile App platform are designed to enable Nigerian entrepreneurs to migrate their businesses online and take advantage of the vast international and local sales opportunities within the e-commerce space.

“SME owners will also have access to a wide variety of business tools that will enhance profitability as well as a community that will allow them to forge relationships with other business owners,” He explains.

Reflecting on the idea that inspired the initiative, Ruma explains that the challenging economic conditions especially for SMEs in the country have made it imperative for this integral sector of the economy to get all the support it needs to drive growth and development.

“With the introduction of the Shopi SME Market Hub, Shopi has provided SMEs an e-commerce platform that allows small and medium business owners to create and maintain an online presence and expand their business frontiers to new markets and millions of buyers that are online for free,” he said.

OHUB – Shopi’s mother company – is a hybrid digital technology platform that provides access to lifelong learning opportunities for potential young and existing African leaders, connecting them with curated freemium access to an avalanche of internship, exchange programs, job shadowing, job placement, grants, and research funding opportunities. 



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