Borno owes legislative staff N317m allowances, arrears

Borno owes legislative staff N317m allowances, arrears

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Legislative workers at the Borno State House of Assembly are demanding the payment of N317 million from the state government as accumulated allowances and salary arrears for three years.

This amount includes N228 million in three-year arrears of the yet-to-be-implemented Consolidated Legislative Staff Salary Structure, the immediate implementation of which the workers demand.

The two remaining parts of the cumulative N317 million are N59 million in personnel costs and N30 million in three-year outstanding outfit allowances.

“These demands are only in addition to the granting of full financial autonomy to the legislature,” the Secretary of the striking Borno State chapter of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, Jibrin Dahiru, told The PUNCH in Maiduguri, Tuesday, October 31.

“We have submitted the table for CONLESS implementation differentials to the Honorable Speaker of the House (Abdulkarim Lawan) on his request for inclusion in the House appropriation for the 2024 budget,” he said.

“Even if these outstanding allowances and arrears are paid and CONLESS is implemented, we will not call off the strike until full financial autonomy is granted to the Legislature,” the PASAN official warned.

“In addition to these cumulative entitlements, we are also demanding that the state government designs a template of our regular training and retraining,” he said

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