Tribalism, Ethnicity Religion Criss In Nigeria, Why Miss Information Still Pay? Where We Are Moving For?

Tribalism, Ethnicity Religion Criss In Nigeria, Why Miss Information Still Pay? Where We Are Moving For?

by adminnigeriareports

by Dahiru Kasimu Adamu.

Recently there nearly havoc in particular group due to just whasapt posting which was result of miss information??
The WhatsApp group consist of different people with varieties of cultures, languages and religion. The group is about sharing information related to jobs opportunities in Nigeria Africa and the globe at large, it was created by a Notherner, Muslim a Hausa fulani to be precise.

According to him he created the group in respective of religion or cultural differences, rather to share any meaningful information concern skills job and opportunities.

It is on 29 October a member of the group posted recent NITDA digital skills training in the group but in Hausa langauge.

The message read:
Jama’a ga wata dama ta samu, ana ta rububin cikewa, kar mu bari a nan ma a bar mu a baya
Gomnatin tarayya za ta gabatar da horo akan sanao’in hannu na yanar gizo wato (digital skills ) idan da hali a daure a cika, sbd yanzu digital skills sune sanao’in da ke tashe.
Allah ya bada sa’a Amen. Ga link nan

A daure a yada sakon nan ko’ina don mutanenmu su amfana kar a a bar mu a baya
English version can be like this:

It is another upportunites, many people are rushing filling, we should no be left behind.
_*Federal government will lunch digital skills programme, try to fill because now a days digital skills are fastest growing business.

May Almighty Allah make us successful.
Do _your_ best to spread this message so that our people would benefit , and not left behind.*_her is the link:

Immediately after he posted the message there was respond from member of the group ,who expressed his anger about the message, saying they are trying to islmized the group.
His message read

*[10/29, 7:37 PM] +234 903 *** 8536: You guys have islamised this group. It’s totally wrong and uncalled for. There’s communication gap here and it will prompt most non northerners to leave this group [10/29, 7:59 PM] +234 903 *** 8536: See, I’ve come across many a time you guys, we just come and be speaking by code switching be and code missing.

You sometimes, use hausa and later turn to Islam.
His action have greatly angered alot of members of the group including Christian, asking him many questions want him to prove what he allaged.

What he failed to do more than 48 hours.
From this we simply observe that:

– Some media organization mis information about Noth have negatively impact some Southerner or vice versa.
– some people in the south think that is only Hausa and Muslim are living in the north.
– Some Southerners can’t differentiate between languages of communication, tribes and religions.
– people that doesn’t know what Islam is all about are tend to give it another meaning.

To avoid further mis understanding public or any social media group if you see a message in another language try to ask someone to translate it before you take action or judge it, because any single mistake can change the story.
Furthermore religions scholars, traditional rulers should teach their members and followers respecting everyone religion cultures and languages.

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