Patriots seek new constitution, accept Tinubu’s presidency

Patriots seek new constitution, accept Tinubu’s presidency

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The statement reads in part: “We accept the reality of President Bola Tinubu’s administration, which legitimacy derives from the judgment of the highest court in our land. We met as a group of non-partisan individuals, whose common purpose is love for our country, Nigeria, and a shared desire to have a united, stable and progressive nation that cares for the welfare of its citizens.

“We are very concerned at the current lamentable state of affairs in our country, including the declining sense of national unity, insecurity of life and property, increasing poverty, and unemployment afflicting our citizens, especially the youth.

“Experience over the last 30 years has shown that despite the declared best intentions of our governments, Nigeria’s unity, internal security and economy have continued to deteriorate. In our view, the reason is that our governments have continued to scratch the surface instead of addressing the fundamental issue of the governance system, which flows from the constitution of the country.”

This came as political economist, Pat Utomi, decried collapse of values in the country and called for a moral revolution.

Speaking at a forum on building a new value system in Abuja, yesterday, Utomi said: “We need a moral revolution in this country. We need to do something to save Nigeria. We all have to accept that there are certain values that are fundamental to any progress. We need to have a rational conversation to ask questions on how we can revive Nigeria’s value system.”

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