The federal government gave Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, permission to introduce his Starlink network in Nigeria.

The inventor of SpaceX will now face competition from MTN, Airtel, and a number of other companies for Nigeria’s sizable telecom industry.


Following months of negotiations, the federal government had granted the billionaire’s company permission to conduct business in Nigeria, according to the announcement.

SpaceX manages Musk’s Starlink, a network of satellites that provide satellite Internet connectivity in 32 nations where its usage is authorized. It may be claimed that Nigerians will also benefit from a low-latency broadband network that has been tailored to process a large amount of data quickly.


Speaking, the Starlink satellite internet constellation, run by SpaceX, has been granted a license by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), according to Nairametrics.Following a trip to Nigeria by the company’s staff in May of last year, this licence was granted.

The International Gateway license has a 10-year term, whereas the ISP license has a five-year term, according to NCC.

Both licenses are valid beginning in May 2022 and include a renewal option.



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