The governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai, has inaugurated a 120-tonne per hour fertiliser blending plant in Kaduna on Wednesday.

The site is sited at the Kaduna Green Agro-Allied Industrial Zone, GAAIZ.

He said at the inauguration that with every new factory, every new shop and every new park opened, there would be more jobs for people in the state.

He noted that with the siting of the plant in Kaduna State, farmers had expanded access to fertilisers.

“The partnership between the fertiliser company and the Kaduna State government began in 2016 with fertiliser supply to our farmers.

“That partnership demonstrates that it is possible for farmers to get fertiliser of good quality and at affordable prices,” he said.

Mr El-Rufai said also that the fertiliser plant is the first of its type in Nigeria and that the state government is grateful to the kingdom of Morocco for bringing the project to fruition.

He said also that the agro-allied industrial zone would add value to agricultural activities along the Kaduna-Abuja Highway.

The governor said the zone would provide storage spaces for raw materials and finished goods and could store up to 25,000 tonnes of fertiliser.

Source: DailyNigerian



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