On sunday 02 october 2022, the national ginger producers processors and marketers association held its maiden townhall meeting in kano. The association was formed in order to empower ginger producers, processors and marketers as well as catering for the need of its members by assisting them with technical, materials and access to financial services.

During the program, the Association chairman of board of trustees, Dr Abubakar Tanko Bala stressed that, The Association was conceived to be an umbrella that will improve the growth of its prospective members in the ginger business value chain.

Dr, Abubakar Tanko Bala, National Chairman, and Dr, Babangida Ruma, Secretary General, National Ginger Producers Processors And Marketers Association (NGPPMA).


He also added that In order to achieve its key objectives, the association intend to enhance standardization in processing and marketing of ginger through technological driven eco system that will add value to Ginger business hence, improving overall turnover.

The chairman also made refrence to a recent publication by Leadership Newspaper which depicts a supply-demand gap in the ginger business value chain of 34 million metric tonnes according to data by the Ministry of Agriculture. The same publication indicates that, Nigeria exported ginger worth over N12 billion naira in 2021.

These statistics underscores the need to come up with workable plans and initiatives that will address the demand gap and enhance exportation thereby improving the value of our currency, Dr Tando Bala added.

The heights of the occasion include paper presentations, questions and answers session and group photographs.



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