Overthinking: Introduction, What Causes and How Human Beings Falls Into Such Situation

Majority of important things in life can make you think to the extend of overthinking. Starting from school, job seeking, change of career, buying or living in a specific house, getting a car, marriage or divorce, birthing or children training, tax and many different kind of issue in life – these type of things are … Read more

[HEALTH] Categories Of Overthinking And What You Need To Know

Categories Of Overthinking People overthink in different ways which fill opinions and assumptions in their minds. Some overthinking is better and short than others, though all categories of overdrinking occur based on reasons. See them below; Chronic overthinking This category of overthinking is an extreme one that affects both the physical and mental health of … Read more

[HEALTH] Effect Of Overthinking, What You Need To Know

Effect Of Overthinking Overthinking is a very serious situation that people felt in. Some people intentionally overthink a life issue, while most do without their intention to deeply think for a long period. Overthinking causes different kinds of things that affect the victim who felt in the sad situation. The effects are basically under either … Read more