Nigeria Reports, reports that OHUB, a leading hybrid and digital technology platform providing potential young and existing African leaders with access to lifelong learning opportunities, had recently announced its second annual publication of the 100 most influential young people award list of 2021.

The OHUB Youth Awards initiative intends to uncover the true and real potential of young people around the world, whose works match their impact.

It is also expected to serve as a source of encouragement to these young people whose commitment to stimulating growth is undeniable.

With a record 11 women and 50 men from Nigeria and some African countries, the list includes notable faces such as Bobi Wine, Aya Chebbi and Dr. Kishva Ambigapathy, Former Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) and other notable Nigerians like hip hop maestro, David Adeleke also known as Davido.

Nigeria, the giant of Africa recorded the highest representation with 50 young achievers, with Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh, and the Republic of the Philippines also recording representation of 10 young people each.

The honoree, Abdulkareem Musa Olayinka is a well-seasoned young emerging leader with track records in youth development and has demonstrated history of working with international organizations to achieve sustainable development goals.

He is immediate past coordinator for YALI Network Lagos, and currently the YALI RLC Alumni Nigeria southwest coordinator coordinating over 1000 alumni members. 2020 Junior Chamber International (JCI EKO) director for Life After School Project, Membership director for Global Socio-economic and Financial Evolution Network (GSFEN) and founder of Rising Hope initiative which focus in achieving sustainable development goals (1,2,4).

Musa is an alumnus of Accra Business School and member, boardroom institute, Ghana. YALI RLC Alumni, World literacy foundation, and Nigerian Prize for Leadership.

He has been recognized and received notable awards for his diligent and commitment to societal development, such as Volunteer of the year 2019, Best cultural humanitarian award 2020, Young African Leader award 2020 nominee under the category of Nelson Mandela, Excellence leadership award 2021, Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum Nominee class of 2022, among others.




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